PowerMTA Installation

PowerMTA Setup Service

We create email systems with best-in-class software and hands-on services.
Get your PMTA server ready today for sending bulk emails. We’ll configure your PowerMTA server for better deliverability and prevention of you getting blocked by ISPs like Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.
We can configure whichever PMTA version you want v4.0, v4.5 based on your requirements and easily connect with EMA (Email Marketing Application) to manage email campaigns at ease.
We provide set up service for the Power MTA/SMTP server/IP Rotation/Bulk Mailserver/Interspire/Mailwizz/Sendy/Mumara for last 10 years. We will set up Power MTA with Interspire Email Marketer/Mailwizz/Mumara/Sendy/ for One time and support for $85

Following will be installed

  • Power MTA
  • Interspire Email Marketer/Mailwizz/Sendy/Mumara
  • Mail-tester Inbox Score 10/10
  • IP rotation
  • DKIM Pass
  • SPF Pass
  • rDNS Pass
  • MX/ELHO/A Records Implementation
  • Load Balancing IP
  •  Interspire Addons
  • 100% Whitelabel

For Customized PowerMTA Setup Service, Please Contact Us.